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California??? West Coast?? Could it be??? You never know...We shall see...

Home Days at J's- November 2016

What? That's right...back again :^)

Jacksonville Pride-October 2016

Awesome time spent with the people of Jacksonville!! Thanks for the warm welcome!!

Roanoak, VA Pride - Septmeber 2016

New management announcement coming soon.....

Home Days at J's - July & August 2016

God it's good to be home!! I love playing where it all started.

Washington Pride  - June 2016
OutSpokcane’s Spokesperson Bridget Potter ….“We’re bringing in Beverly McClellan from Season 1 of “The Voice” as our headliner.!

Kansas City Pride Fest  -   June 2016
“We sang along to familiar tunes and smiled at the inaudible words of snarky drag queens harassing the audience in fun. We loved hearing the roar of the crowd as Ty Herndon took the stage. Sunday night, as The Voice star Beverly McClellan finished her set and the park fell silent, I felt very proud of my new city and very proud to be me.” Joel Barrett…. The Vital Voice

City Winery Nashville -  12/6/2015

Beverly McClellan with (Female Drummer) Jyn Yates & Sarah Potenza,
Rock ‘n’ roll is built on a foundation of great vocalists, and Beverly McClellan is quickly becoming its newest cornerstone. NBC’s "The Voice" introduced her to the world as a singer of stunning power and range with the presence and ability to draw comparisons to Etta James, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge, to name just a few of the great torchbearers whose legacies she evokes. Fellow "Voice" finalist Sarah Potenza will join the performance. Potenza 

October 2015 Orlando pride
Beverly Headlines Orlando Pride…. “Powerful performance… Took my breath away…. Where is she preforming next?” 
“She reminds me of Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks all rolled into one amazing package.” 

Ohio Lesbian Festival - September  2015
“What an amazing show!!! Beverly McClellan and Jyn Yates (Drummer) had the audience mesmerized from the first note…. No one wanted the show to end!!! on-chore!!!!” BA 

Surgery - July 3th 2015
Beverly is having an 18 pound mass that was non-cancerous removed at Coral Gables Hospital. Recovery will take some time…. but she is very eager to get back out on the road!
UPDATE January 2016.....She has recovered after several months of light duty…. SHE IS READY TO ROCK!!!!!!!! 

Women's Redrock Music Festival  - August 2015
“Hard to believe Sarah Potenza and Beverly McClellan met about 15 minutes prior to this happening. Sit back now, and listen to the magic unfold.”

Melbourne Art Festival - April 20th 2015
“A great crowd showed up at the Melbourne Art Festival to see Beverly McClellan and her band rocking the stage!”

April  4th 2015 
Beverly McClellan rocks The Mohegan Sun, Wolf Den, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd., Uncasville, Conn. (888) 226-7711, 8 pm. No cover.

Ohio Lesbian Festival  -  September 2014
Beverly McClellan tares up the stage and brings new meaning to music through her immense and alluring personality. WOW! ​​

Beverly has a new Booking Contact ...Jun 11 2013
Beverly and her management at Heart & Soul Artist Management are thrilled to announce that Christianne Weiss of APA is now representing Beverly for all booking engagements. Christianne is excited to speak with venues and welcomes contact from parties interested in learning more about Beverly’s availability.  Contact her here: Christianne Weiss APA 405 S. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA  90212 phone: (310) 888-4226 efx:  (310) 300-0693 email:

Puyallup Meeker Days Welcomes Bev ...Feb 27 2013
Beverly is appearing June 21st at the Puyallup Meeker Days in Puyallup, WA.  Check out more about Meeker Days here: !

Beverly McClellan on the 25th Hour Radio Show  ...Feb 21 2013 Cyndi Lauper, Steve Vai 
Beverly is always open to talking with podscasts,radio and TV shows, wherever they are and whoever they are. Catch up with Beverly as she talks with Rob and Randy on the 25th Hour Radio Show, her latest interview.  As usual, Beverly tells it like it is. Hear about her background, her tour with Steve Vai, performing with Cyndi Lauper and some thoughts about what she’d like to do next!  And do you know how many instruements Beverly actually plays?  Talk about your baker’s dozen! After you listen to the interview, hop over to the touring page and find out where Beverly is performing next!

Beverly McClellan’s New Emerald Guitar ...Sep 02 2012   

On the opening day of the Steve Vai tour Beverly met Alistair Hay of Emerald Guitars.  Alistair had come to Ft. Lauderdale from Ireland to see Steve Vai who had inspired Alistair to build guitars and would be playing Alistair’s new Ultra Guitar that night. Alistair also brought with him a new guitar, the X20-OS, so that he could show it to guitarists he met on his trip.  Little did he know that Beverly would take to it right away.  Within just a few strums and licks, Beverly knew she loved this new guitar and Alistair, blown away by Beverly’s voice and the way she sounded with his creation, knew she had to have that guitar.  So he made a gift of it to Beverly, and Beverly has been playing it ever since!

Check out the X20-OS and the other amazing guitars from Emerald Guitars.

Beverly McClellan Rocked The Voice Last Night ...May 02 2012 
Beverly McClellan took the stage with legend Cyndi Lauper on NBC’s The Voice last night and it was electric! They performed Cyndi’s hit “Money Changes Everything” and the crowd was on their feet immediately. Here’s video from NBC:

Beverly McClellan to appear on The Voice with Cyndi Lauper – May 1, 2012 ...Apr 27 2012 
Beverly McClellan, Finalist from Season 1 of the Voice Returns
Beverly McClellan is appearing live on The Voice on Tuesday, May 1st.  She and other Season 1 finalists,  Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton and Javier Colon, will each be performing that night – The Elimination Night for the Season 2 contestants.
Beverly will be singing with Grammy® Award-winning singer/songwriter, Cyndi Lauper as they perform Cyndi’s hit “Money Changes Everything”.  Beverly will also be appearing on Monday night with the other Season 1 finalists as they are interviewed by The Voice social host Christina Milian on The Voice after show.

Beverly McClellan – in Big City Blues ...Apr 26 2012
Editor’s Note: Beverly McClellan was recently interviewed for an article in the June/July issue of  Big City Blues – here’s a preview!

“I believe I have a message to bring, says Beverly. It is pretty simple….Be yourself, love yourself, be honest and the rest will come naturally.” This is the way McClellan lives her life and makes her music. Beverly got started in music at about age of four or five singing bluegrass and gospel. Beverly started writing her own songs at the age of thirteen. She comes from a very musical family. Born in Kingsport, Tennessee, Beverly now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. McClellan has been in the music business for the past twenty years. She was working as a dental hygienist in a dental office in Port Saint Lucie, Florida until one day on her lunch break she decided “this is enough I am moving to Fort Lauderdale to pursue my music career.” Beverly went back in from lunch, quit her job and never looked back. That was her pinnacle moment. As the saying goes “If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Beverly found that job! She can play ten or more different instruments but mostly plays piano and guitar. McClellan went solo and played the Florida club scene.

Beverly was introduced to the blues when she was about twenty five. A friend was listening to Ella Fitzgerald and then Etta James came on, McClellan said “Oh my God, who is that?” Ever since then Beverly wanted to be just like Etta. Beverly’s music is blues, soul with a mixture of country because “she is straight up Tennessee.” A little bit of everything, it is heartfelt music…..isn’t that what blues is? McClellan has recorded five CD’s, her latest “Fear Nothing” released November 2011. It was made with some amazing musicians like Tony Braunagal on drums, Jimmy Pugh – keyboards, Hutch Hutchinson – bass, Josh Sklair – guitar and Beverly’s own guitar player Billy Vazquez. The release of this CD could not have come at a better time. Shortly afterwards a friend dared McClellan to send a video performance to this new singing show coming to NBC called “The Voice Season 1” with judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton. Beverly took the dare and sent the show a you tube link and within the hour the show called her to come in for an audition. After her performance on the show Team Christina and Team Adam both spun around and may have been a little surprised by the bald headed tatted up white chick, which by the way, each of her tattoos represent something that has happened in her life, but after hearing her sing, it all fit together. Beverly chose Team Christina. NBC has been a life changing moment for her, which she celebrated with a new arm sleeve tattoo of the NBC peacock wrapped around her microphone. How do you go from doing twenty years worth of your dream then one day you get on NBC and your whole life changes. Her life has been crazy good for the last year because of “The Voice”.

Because of “The Voice” Beverly was invited to perform at the Kick-Off for Grammy week at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. It was very exciting and she met so many amazing people including Sharon Osbourne, Steve Vai and Bret Michels. It was a crazy night. It was awesome for Beverly to perform Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” with Jonny Lang. McClellan performed solo Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love” and Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”. Beverly shares a Grammy story about going to Bret Michels dressing room known as “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. He turned around and saw Beverly and was like “Oh my God”. He was a cool dude and called himself the Susan Lucci of Rock-N-Roll. McClellan assured him he was not! It was awesome. In March Beverly opens up for BB King at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois. Her dream is continuing.

Beverly McClellan to Appear on new Steve Vai album ...Apr 22 2012 
Beverly first met legendary guitarist Steve Vai (far right) when he co-hosted the Grammy Foundation’s 14th Annual Music Preservation Project event in February.  Steve wasn’t familiar with Beverly until that night.  But he wasn’t able to forget her voice! Steve says:
The first time I saw Bev perform at a Recording Academy event I was captivated and mesmerized. The power and control she has over her voice is masterful yet very natural, and everything about her goes out to you much like a bright light. She is an exquisitely rare and colorful exotic bird who spreads her wings for everyone – Steve Vai. As a young guitarist Steve took lessons from another student at his high school, Joe Satriani.  How’s that for a start!  Vai first became known as a guitarist in Frank Zappa’s band in 1980.  An amazing talent, Vai has also played with David Lee Roth and Whitesnake.

We don’t yet have a release date, but be sure to keep watching this site for more information!

Quotes & Reviews

The first time I saw Bev perform at a Recording Academy event I was captivated and mesmerized. The power and control she has over her voice is masterful yet very natural, and evrything about her goes out to you much like a bright light. She is an exquisitely rare and colorful exotic bird who spreads her wings for everyone. Steve Vai

…I was having Thanksgiving with Loretta Lynn, and we started playing Every Rose Has its Thorn, and we said, “Maybe we should do that together.” Next thing you know, we are recording it with Jonny Lang on guitar and there is a girl who almost won The Voice named Beverly McClellan. I love her, she’s a Florida girl. I’m going to have her come in and sing with me on Every Rose as well. Bret Michaels

Beverly is a vocal powerhouse to be reckoned with, who holds her own with the best of them. Christina Aguilera

What a pleasant surprise, I had no idea I would have the opportunity to work with such a great artist. Thank you Beverly. Keb Mo

Working solo on acoustic guitar or piano, ‘The Voice’ finalist filled the room with her warmth, personality and sound. She impressed with her convistion, confidence and control of her rangy, raspy voice (she doesn’t overdo the power). Her Southern soulfulness was apparent on originals and covers (she made Led Zeppelin’s ‘Going to California’ sound like Joni Mitchell). She’s got big-time potential.” – Jon Bream, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

… the disc that are simply amazing… For starters, McClellan came to the American music consciousness via the NBC singing show The Voice. Because of that she hooked up with super cool producer David Z …and put the album being reviewed here together. That said, there is a bit of Hollywood surrounding this girl and, believe me, this girl is too one of a kind and genuine to be comfortable in Hollyweird.

She looks crazy with her colorful tattoos and her shaved head. Yet, she seems so friendly and charming. She knows what she’s doing, as she has been slinging tunes around Florida for a decade and this is her fifth album to be released.

… she is still so unique it hurts. She has drawn comparisons to Janis Joplin and Etta James but those are unfair as they are both unique ladies as well. Beverly has her own thang going on and that is why this is such a hard review.

Bev is a tough one to categorize. Her voice is amazing and her songwriting is very good. While this is worth checking out, one gets the feeling this is only the tip of the musical iceberg that she can dish out.” – Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited

“I Can’t Hide Me” might serve as Beverly’s autobiography. Over a rocked-up roadhouse arrangement, she defines her persona and her candid, “here I am” attitude that carried her during her run on “The Voice.” And, Keb’ Mo’ co-wrote, produced, and played a mean blues guitar on the uplifting tale of “Love Will Find A Way Out” and gettin’ back on your feet when you get knocked down.” – Nashville Blues Society Blog

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“Every time she gets on stage, singer-songwriter Beverly McClellan, the shaven-headed powerhouse who made it to the top four on the inaugural season of NBC-TV’s “The Voice,” remembers a snapshot of her childhood. In her mind, she told The Daily Times recently, she’s still the little girl standing on the mantle of the family home in Gate City, Va. (near Kingsport), forcing her brothers to watch as her “audience” while she performed with a fire poker.”  Read more about Beverly and see her at Knoxville Pride 6/22/13

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